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Back-Pressure Regulators

General description:

A back-pressure-regulator maintains a system-pressure. Superfluos media overflows within the flow-band belonging to any type of regulator while the regulated pressure is kept constant. Typcial application: filling-systems (carbon dioxide etc.)

One differentiates in:

  • spring-loaded, piston- or diaphragm-sensing
  • dome-loaded, mostly diaphragm-sensing

or a combination of both: a differential back-pressure-regulator, which is preset by a spring to a constant inlet-pressure while a referential pressure allows the regulator to follow the varying system requirements.


a sensing area (piston or diaphragm) is loaded with a force either by spring or compressed gas. It thus keeps a mechanically detached poppet on its seat. When system- pressure rises byond set-pressure the piston/diaphragm will rise, moving the poppet via a retainer from the seat: media can flow.

When system-pressure falls the poppet will throttle and finally close the seat again. The differential between opening and leak-tight sealing is 5% of the opening pressure.

With larger seat-diameters and especially with varying downstream pressure (e.g. pressure-banks), it is advisable to apply balanced poppets. Thus fluctuations in the banks pressure will hardly affect regulated-pressure of the system.

Special solutions of our range include regulators multiplying a pilot-pressure. For example: Ratio 1:5 regulates 5 bar inlet with only 1 bar pilot pressure, the ratio being mechanically fixed.

Available Back-Pressure Regulators

You can either access an online version of the data sheets by clicking on the apropriate link or you can download a printable PDF version to your computer by clicking on the small PDF icon.

DV1 Series

data sheet

DV3 Series

data sheet

DHV5 Series

data sheet

DV6 Series

data sheet

DV6V Series

data sheet

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