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Our relief-valves are designed to open and reseal with high precision and reliability over a long period of use including a high-cycling life.

Generally the setting tolerance is 5% of crack-pressure. Reseal pressure is specified at > 90% of crack-pressure. Usually 95% are performed.

The valves are used especially where repeated overpressure needs to be reliefed with a minimum loss of media.

The valves are also applied for breaking vacuum or as a precision-set check-valve.

Special solutions include balanced poppets which allow the application in closed pessure systems with varying down-stream pressures, yet keeping the crack-pressure constant.

Our relief-valves are classified as pressure-bearing coponents WITHOUT safety-function according to the European directive 97/23/EG (PED). Therefore CE-marking does not apply. For applications that call for safety-function please contact us.

Available Relief-Valves

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